She Might Be The Cutest Cat On The Internet

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She Might Be The Cutest Cat On The Internet

All cats are pretty awesome, but some take that extra step into legendary status that not all can manage. Lil' Bub took that step, and became a super star. Her unique look and adorable story make this little sweetheart one of the internet's favorite felines.

When I say she is unique, it isn't just her fur markings or something simple. There are so many factors that make her special. First of all, they thought she was just the runt of the litter, but she is actually just never going to grow any bigger. That's right, she is a perma-kitten.

She has a form of dwarfism that cause her legs to stay short but her body still grew longer. Lil' Bub lower jaw is also shorter than her upper jaw which causes her tongue to hang out. She also has an extra toe on all four paws and has comically large eyes. All these things sound like they would not be a very attractive cat, but that is where you are wrong. Look at her!

She is almost too precious for words. Just check out some of her photos.

1. The Happiest Girl

2. The Goofiest Girl

3. The Sleepiest Girl

4. The Loveliest Girl

5. The Hungriest Girl

6. The Cutest Baby Girl

7. Just The Very Best Girl

Lil' Bub is just the sweetest cat ever, you should watch this and hear the goofy noises she makes.

You can follow Lil' Bub on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with her very busy life.

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