She Never Says No To A Cat And Her Count Is Over 350

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She Never Says No To A Cat And Her Count Is Over 350

To say Zanda Indriksone loves cats would be the world's biggest understatement. For the last two years, whenever Zanda sees an abandoned cat, she never leaves it behind.

Any cat that Zanda finds has a home within 30 minutes. That is, of course, if they're healthy.

Every cat she finds, the Cat Rescuer takes them to the vet right away for them to get checked out. With the help of local volunteers and shelters, each one of the over 350 cats Zanda has saved across Europe has found a forever home.

"If cats condition is good and the cat is healthy, there can be a chance to find a home within half an hour," Zanda said. "This mainly happens in the summer. Longest time cat spent in temporary home was about a month, but this when cat required special treatment."

Check out the pictures of some of Zanda's cats. It's pretty amazing that she was able to save over 350 in just two years!

Thank you, Zanda, for all your tireless work with these homeless cats!! The world is a better place with you.

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