She Risked Everything To Save Her Dog's Life

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She Risked Everything To Save Her Dog's Life

A woman in England was caught on camera last month putting her life at risk to save her dog.

Another woman, Alice Wardill, was visiting Cannaught Water in Essex with her family when she heard someone shout "Freddie, no!" She saw a dog in a bright red sweater had fallen into the pond, and his owner was crawling on the ice to save him.

Wardill is a nature photographer who always has her camera with her, so she managed to snap photographs of the whole rescue.

Freddie probably tried to chase the birds in these pictures when the thin ice of the pond broke underneath him. His owner crawled after him, but luckily she spread her body weight out on the ice and avoided falling in.

Wardill called firefighters to rescue the dog, but by the time they arrived his owner had already saved him, dried him off and driven away.

She offered to show the unnamed woman her photos, but she said she was "too cold" to look at them and left.

Authorities say that if your dog falls through ice you shouldn't try to rescue them yourself, because hypothermia can set in very quickly and kill you, but this woman insisted on taking matters into her own hands.

Even if it was risky, she probably saved poor Freddie's life.

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