She Was Nervous When She Saw A Suspicious Man With a Box, But Then She Realized What Was Going On

A woman in Brazil, Camila Muracchini, was never expecting her life to be changed just by boarding the bus.

Muracchini was on her way to work using public transit, when she noticed a man board the bus holding a box. Muracchini noticed the man was acting nervous, with the box moving around a bit.

Naturally, Muracchini was nervous.

"I'm already thinking about what he might have in there," Muracchini said. "I'm extremely worried ... until I hear the first bark."

That's right. Bark.

The man was holding a puppy in this box, and while the bark put Muracchini at ease, the man began to get nervous.

"He looked around, frightened that he would be kicked off the bus for having an animal with him," Muracchini recounted. "When the ticket collector asked, 'Is that a dog there?,' he replied very softly: 'I found him abandoned. He's a puppy. I'm taking him home.'"

The ticket collector chose to let the man stay on the bus. How can you kick someone off who is just trying to help a puppy??

"After realizing that nobody was going to ask him to get off the bus, he sat with the box in his lap and stayed there," Muracchini said.

"During the whole trip, he pet the dog, and the dog wagged his tail as if he had known the man for years," Muracchini said. "A love so pure, it makes me believe there are still good people in the world."

No one would have expected to have their perspective on life changed by a simple bus ride, but for Camila Muracchini? That's exactly what happened.

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