She Survived Both The San Bernardino and Las Vegas Mass Shootings

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CBS Los Angeles

Castruita used to joke with her family that she was the safest person to be around because there was no way another mass shooting would happen with her in the middle of it.

NBC News

Her fiance J.C. Monticone received the exact same message as two years prior, "active shooter." He was on the casino floor of the Luxor when the message came through on his phone and he immediately sprinted through the chaos that is already a casino floor, trying to make it to his fiance.


Monticone, a paramedic with the South Pasadena Fire Department, was immediately swamped by the sounds of gun fire and chaos when he got through the doors of the Luxor. His paramedic training kicked in and he had to make one of the hardest decisions of his life, help those in need of medical attention or search for his fiance.

In the end both he and Melissa Castruita survived the ordeal. Hopefully they never have to experience this level of terror and chaos ever again.

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