She Thought It Was A Leaf, But It Was Something Much Worse

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She Thought It Was A Leaf, But It Was Something Much Worse

When you are driving around town, you have to focus and stay calm. The problem is, sometimes things happen that are simply NOT okay. Toni O'Sullivan was driving back home after a trip to the grocery store when she realized that something was not right.

As she was driving on the highway, she noticed something moving on the windshield.

"I looked over to my left and thought I saw some movement out of the side of my eye. I thought maybe it was a leaf, and so I let it go." O'Sullivan said, "I've then came into the sunlight...all of a sudden I see this sliding movement on the window, in and out of the wipers.

She said it was "looking right at [her]" and that her "legs were shaking", she wasn't sure what to do but when she saw construction workers on the side of the street she pulled over and asked them for help.

Eventually Barry Goldsmith from Snake Catcher Victoria came to assess the situation who discovered the snake was no venomous or dangerous at all, but was probably someone's pet who escaped.

In Victoria most snakes are venomous so it's recommended to call professionals to deal with them. They are still looking for the owner of this little stowaway so if you like in Victoria let them know.