Mother-of-Four Gets a $12,000 Tip While Her Husband is Fighting for His Life

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Mother-of-Four Gets a $12,000 Tip While Her Husband is Fighting for His Life

Pregnant with her fourth child, Jessica Reboredo found out that her 24-year-old husband was sick with testicular cancer.

The cancer spread quickly moving from his stomach to his lungs. Jessica thought that she and her family were in this fight alone to bring daddy home, when her second grade teacher shared her story with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad, and you wouldn't believe what happened next.  

Kimberly Hitchock-Squires, Jessica's second grade teacher, has kept in touch with her since she was just 7 years old.

"She was sweet and kind, and I always wanted to have a daughter," Kim said.

Jessica and Robert met through mutual friends and it wasn't long after that they started rapidly growing their family.

With a 4 year-old, twin 2 year-olds and a 6 month-old, it's amazing that this Las Vegas mom was able to work and make it back and forth to the hospital in L.A. where her husband was fighting for his life.


With bills mounting, Jessica is unable to miss work to be with her husband, so she makes the nearly 300 mile journey in her van whenever she can.

"This week I had to just do it on a drop of a dime, and I couldn't afford it, so I slept in my car for a day," Jessica said. "But I'm trying to smile through it still. I have to. That's what everyone knows me for."


After hearing Jessica's story, the Fox 5 Surprise Squad stepped in to help. They set up customers throughout the Chili's restaurant where she works to help give her the surprise of her life. Each would eat as a regular customer, and then leave her a massive cash tip- each one greater than the last.

Eventually, the Surprise Squad team stepped in and explained what was going on. They also gave her an additional $10,000 and told her they would pay for her hotel stays when she visits her husband, as well as provide her with a new car for the travel.

Unfortunately on August 12, 2016 Robert lost his battle with cancer and passed away. He was 25 years old.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Jessica and the kids.