He Sold His Business To Save His Employee

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He Sold His Business To Save His Employee

Most bosses appreciate their employees and will give some compliments, or maybe even a raise. Few would be willing to do what Michael de Beyer did: give up his business.

Brittany Mathis

Brittany Mathis was an employee of de Beyer's, working as a hostess in the Kaiserhof's Restaurant. At 19 she was diagnosed with a brain cancer that wouldn't be covered by health insurance. She and her mother struggled to pay for treatments and make ends meet, but despite their best efforts they were falling behind.

"It's not right," de Beyer said. "Here's a family, they work really hard...they didn't even ask anybody for help."

Michael and Brittany
Courier of Montgomery County

Whether they asked or not, de Beyer was more than willing to jump in.

He put his restaurant up for auction, asking for only half of the actual value, any bid over that amount goes directly to help Brittany.

"Michael has been a real blessing to our family," Brittany said. "He's just always been there whenever we've needed anything."

This is definitely one boss that I'd be proud to work for.

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