She Told Her Mom She Failed Her Test, Mom Unleashes Over Text

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She Told Her Mom She Failed Her Test, Mom Unleashes Over Text

Moms are the absolute best!

They love their kids unconditionally and will go above and beyond to give them as much support as possible.

This week, one awesome mom is making headlines after her sweet message of encouragement to her daughter went viral.

Hannah Cho, a high school student, told her mom that she "failed" her math test and instead of voicing disappointment, she responded with a lovely supportive message through Snapchat.

The note reads:

"I don't care if you fail your math test ... I don't care if you get below 1,00 on [your] SAT ... I don't care if your GPA is under 2.0 ... I don't care if you get accepted to Stanford ... BUT ... I care if you cry ... I care if you are stressed ... I care if you are unhappy ... I care when you get hungry even if you get hungry every two hours (I admit, it can get tiring feeding you constantly) ... But I love you."


Hannah shared the message on her twitter account and people have a lot to say including calling her "parent of the year."

Some wished they had parents has supportive as Hannah's

One user even offered herself up to be adopted by this mom

This person can't believe a parent like this exists

Although Hannah was feeling stressed on the day of the test, she later confirmed that didn't actually fail. She just texted her mom a "hypothetical situation" to see how she'd respond. Well, mom definitely passed her test.

On going viral, Hannah told Buzzfeed that she's glad to be breaking stereotypes about strict Asian parents. "I'm glad to say that we broke free from those stereotypes and proved them wrong," she said. "My mom is the most wonderful role model I could ever ask for. She is the most powerful influence in my life and continues to love me unconditionally."

They have such a wonderful bond! With this amount of support, we're sure Hannah will be a freshman at Stanford in no time.

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