Bearded Biker Rescues Kitten and Finds His Forever Home

When Susan McNair was startled by a stranger pounding on her front door at 3 AM she didn't expect this to happen.

After 16 years as the owner of The Kitten Inn, a small New Zealand kitten rescue home, she thought she had seen it all.

When she cracked her front door open early that cold November morning, she was immediately uncomfortable.

Harley <3

Posted by Kitten Inn on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

“To my horror, I discovered a rough looking bearded man, covered in tattoos, hammering at my door,” McNair recalled of the chilling darkness. “His size could quite easily [have] been compared to a mountain he was that big.”

She considered calling the police, until the man revealed the tiny creature cradled in his hands. The man had rescued the kitten from the clutches of drunken party girls.

“He told me how him and his mates had been out drinking and these young girls were passing this wee kitten around like it was a toy, and so had taken it off them,” McNair recalled.

He passed the kitten to McNair, leaving $100 to go towards the kitten's care. The man asked to remain anonymous, explaining that his friends wouldn't understand the compassion he felt for this kitten.

Moved by the bikers act of kindness, McNair named the kitten Harley, referring to the biker as Harley's Angel.

It wasn't long before Harely became a permanent resident of The Kitten Inn, as the staff and volunteers couldn't bear to put the kitten up for adoption.

Harley and Twist ❤️

Posted by Kitten Inn on Friday, January 29, 2016

We are so happy this cute little fur-ball has found his forever home thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

“I looked at him and thought, ‘Love comes in many shapes and sizes, and what you might see on the outside doesn’t dictate what’s going on in the inside,'” McNair expressed.

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