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She Was Shamed For This Viral Photo, Now She's Telling Her Side Of The Story

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"Albert Einstein said, 'I fear the day that technology will take on our humanity ... the world will be populated by a generation of idiots.'" That was one of the rude comments shared alongside this photo of Molly Lensing.


The pediatric nurse and mother-of-three from Illinois is the woman in this viral photo, which has been endlessly spread around on social media since last year. It paints an unflattering picture: a mother on her cell phone while her baby lies on a blanket on the floor, with another woman looking at her disapprovingly.

For many strangers who saw and shared the photo it seemed to perfectly sum up the problem with "Millennial Mothers" these days, women who are supposedly more interested in technology than spending time with their children. And commenters added lots of spiteful messages about Lensing to each new version of the post.

Except that's not what's happening in this photo at all. After a year of being insulted, dragged down and shamed on the internet, Lensing is ready to fight back against the strangers who have judged her. And she has a message for people sharing her photo:

"You have no idea what the story behind it is..."

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