She Was Tired Of Seeing Sick, Homeless Pets. What She Does Next Is Jaw-Dropping

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She Was Tired Of Seeing Sick, Homeless Pets. What She Does Next Is Jaw-Dropping

Ruby Sharrock, from Scotland, was growing tired of seeing homeless people on the streets who had ill pets.

As a veterinarian, she wanted to do everything in her power to help those living in "vulnerably housed" situations. Ruby knows it can be hard for homeless people to afford care for themselves, let alone their pets. So she decided to create a program that provides FREE veterinary care.

At just 22 years old, Ruby started Glasgow's first program to treat homeless pets, called Trust Paws Clinics. For the last 3 years, she and her team have visited local homeless shelters at least once a month to provide care to ill animals.

"We try to promote the human-animal bond because it isn't recognized enough," Shorrock said.  "Animals are good for people's mental health, and the benefits as well as the responsibility and routine that comes from owning a pet outweigh those of giving them up. We work to help them take care of their pets, because it's more likely for them to get off the street together than it is if they're apart."

In that 3 year span, Trust Paws has given treatment to over 100 dogs (the most common pets among homeless people), but they will treat any type of animal that comes their way. Ruby and her team have enlisted the help of local veterinary students to administer care.

Ruby Sharrock says Trusty Paws is a judgement-free zone. The people who attend are already struggling, but that does not mean they aren't good people.

"They're just the nicest clients you'll ever meet," Shorrock said. "They're extremely grateful for the help."

Trusty Paws also gives each client a small care package for their pets so they aren't totally helpless as they leave the clinic.

If you want to help Trusty Paws with their funding, you can go to their website to donate!

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