She's Employee Of The Month Every Month

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She's Employee Of The Month Every Month

Working from home has it's advantages. You don't have to commute, you don't have to share a washroom and best of all, you get to spend all day with your beloved pets.

Well, turns out for one dog in particular, having her owner at home means that she is put to work!

Meeka is one of three employees in the company so she obviously has to pull her weight. She works for Accuride International Inc.'s southeastern sales center with her dad Michael Reeg and her sister Kya.

She first got the job after Reeg transitioned into a home-based position. He found that having companions around while he worked helped him out.

"There are times that I'll even talk to her as I work through a problem or map out a customer solution. I try out my sales pitches and presentations on her," Reeg said.

She does a good job motivating him to get his work done, "she likes to hear my voice and I love that she pays attention. Having her in my office all day is something that we both look forward to."

Kya is a bit less devoted to the job, only coming into work when her preferred buddy (Reeg's wife) isn't around.

However Meeka even shows up to work when Reeg doesn't! When he travels for work he found out that she still tries to do her job. "If my office door happens to be shut she will spend the day laying in front of the door, just in case I'm really in there. In my opinion, that earned her the title of Employee Of The Quarter."

Her job performance has earned her the same award each and every quarter since and even the corporate office is in support of the recognition. Spokesperson for Accuride said that "He sends an update after every quarter. Meeka is an outstanding support to Michael and his work. Dogs are the best.

Keep up the hard work Meeka!