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England Banned Electric Shock Collars For Pets - Do You Agree?

FancyCrave1 - Pixabay

Animal lovers are known for fiercely protecting their pet's welfare, but a new English law has owners fighting like cats and dogs.

The country's recent ban on shock collars is meant to protect pets from the training tool that causes "harm and suffering," according to environment secretary Michael Gove.

The collars can shock an animal with up to 6,000 volts of electricity, or sometimes spray a foul odor, to correct unwanted behavior.

Animal charities are applauding the new ban, while a small group of collar users say the devices are perfectly safe.

England joins a growing list of countries that have banned the collars, including Scotland, Sweden, Germany, and parts of Canada and Australia.

The collars remain legal throughout the United States.

Share your thoughts in the poll below:

Would you support a similar ban here in America?

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