8 Ways We're All Showering Wrong

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Showering seems like a pretty simple process, but it turns out most of us are doing it quite wrong. I don't know why we were never told this before, but better late than never! Here's eight ways you're showering wrong:

1. You don't condition your scalp.

Most people usually only run conditioner through the ends of their hair but you should actually be putting it all over your head. Conditioner hydrates the skin of your scalp, which helps prevent itchiness and flaking. This is important to do because shampoo drys out your scalp.

2. You're waiting to moisturize when you're dry.

Moisturizing right when you step out of the shower helps lock in the moisture. If you wait, you risk getting dry skin.

3. You shower for too long.

Long showers can drain your skin of the oils it produces. Same goes for baths. Unfortunately it's better to keep them short. It's also better for your utility bill!

4. You are buying too good of a razor.

We usually opt for the razor with the most amount of blades, thinking it will do the best job. A four or five blade razor might give a close shave, but it can also damage your skin. We should actually be buying razors with two blades. But this is great, when has it ever been cheaper to take care of your skin.

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