Siblings Recreated Their Childhood Photos, And Things Got Really Weird


Siblings Recreated Their Childhood Photos, And Things Got Really Weird

They say you can't relive your childhood, but that didn't stop these families from trying their best. Thankfully for the rest of us, they shared the "before and after" photos of them recreating the best shots from their family albums.

Maybe these pictures will give your own family some ideas. Your pictures couldn't be any weirder than these ones.

1. They grow up so fast

2. Nothing to see here, just a couple of t-rexes

3. Can't fit in there anymore

4. That doesn't look comfy

5. Both of these photos need an explanation

6. That's a big baby

7. Graduation day... take two

8. Still a messy eater after all these years

9. Christmas morning always puts a smile on their faces

10. They must be really itchy by now

11. The more things change, the more they stay the same

12. Look at the missing tooth, that's dedication

13. They taught the dog how to look at the camera

14. Staying cool, no matter what year it is

15. Everyone in the shower

Check out the bottom right corner of the photo...they nailed this one.

16. Dad got in on the fun for this one

17. Just a pair of farm boys

18. Bonus points for the same location AND matching stripes

19. He still hasn't found any gold

20. Mom isn't the tallest anymore

21. Aren't you a little big to play baby Jesus?

22. Bath time!

23. How long have these two been asleep?

24. A nice, relaxing, family car trip

25. Those glamour shots were a good investment

26. Boys will be boys

27. Happy Halloween!

28. The attention to detail here is impressive...

29. It's true: make a funny face and it may get stuck that way

30. Hold it....hold it....

Did you get the urge to recreate any family pictures?

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