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Sickly Stray Dog Looks Battered, But When They Find His Owner, Vets Realize There's More To The Story

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When a good Samaritan noticed a sickly looking pit bull roaming around in their yard, they guessed that the poor pup had been on the street for quite a while.

By the looks of him, he certainly had seen better days. He was skin and bones with what appeared to be a painful skin condition. Additionally, the poor boy appeared to either have been hit by a car, or attacked by another dog.

Luckily, Animal Control tracked down his owners and confirmed that this sweet tempered dog was in fact named Baby.

In the meantime, vets caring for him did bloodwork and discovered that his white blood cell count was significantly high. They inspected his skin issues and concluded that he's probably been dealing with them for quite a while.

They finally contacted Baby's owner who agreed to immediately come for him...

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