70% Of People Can Hear This Silent GIF, Are You One Of Them?


70% Of People Can Hear This Silent GIF, Are You One Of Them?


Unlike videos, Graphics Interchange Format, better known as GIFs, are clips that have no sound.

One of these silent clips has gone viral after almost 70% of people online claim to be able to hear a sound coming from it.

The GIF was created by Twitter user Happy Toast, and has resurfaced online once again after a scientist wanted to better understand why a majority of people can hear a thudding noise.

Dr. Lisa Debruine, a researcher at the University of Glasgow, took a poll to see how many people could hear the GIF, and the results are pretty shocking.

While most people claim they can hear a thudding sound, others took to Twitter to express what other noises they heard.

Here's the clip of the transmission power jumping.

Can you hear a noise? Or does this GIF give you another feeling?

Are you also part of the majority of people who can hear a thudding sound coming from this GIF? Let us know what you can hear, or maybe feel...

[Source: IFLScience]

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