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Puppy Was Brought To Be Put Down Because "He Wouldn't Play" But The Rescue Discovered The Truth

Shelters often get dogs in from all kinds of situations. Formerly abused dogs, neglected dogs, some dogs whose families can no longer care from them, and many other situations. However, when one shelter received a little dog named Simba, they were stunned by the reason their owners gave.

When Simba's owners brought him in to the shelter,they asked that the young dog be euthanized because "he wouldn't play." They claimed he was "too depressing" to be around, and wasn't worth the effort.

The high-kill shelter where he placed him didn't take these orders though, instead getting him transferred to a rescue called Sidewalk Specials.

When they brought him in, they realized that this dog wasn't depressed, he was sick. His former owner hadn't even tried to find out what had happened or why his young puppy was acting so sad.

Simba was diagnosed with Tick Fever, also known as Ehrlichiosis. It is what happens when a small bacteria called rickettsia get into the body, growing into the living cells. Ticks that have fed on animals with this disease pass it onto the next animal they bite.

In the early stages, it causes fevers, swelling, bruising, joint point, difficultly breathing, and even loss of appetite. As it progresses it causes eye issues, swollen legs, kidney problems, depression, enlarged liver, and even bone marrow failure.

It's a very serious illness, one that could have been treated if the owner had taken a moment to think about why his young puppy was suddenly acting so different.

Because the neglectful owner ignored Simba, vets gave him a 50/50 chance at survival. But as soon as someone actually took the time to care about Simba, he fought back in a big way.

He seemed to take to the antibiotics really well, and quickly found himself in a new comfortable foster home where he had an older dog to help teach him the ropes.

Simba quickly learned what it was like to be loved and cared for, and as he grew and gained back all the weight he lost, he proved he was ready to find his forever home.

At a special adoption event, he found new owners who wanted to give him everything he deserved. They brought him home, and this puppy who was once almost put down for "not wanting to play" was running around the backyard, jumping and playing with his new dog brother.

It just goes to show you that every dog is out there, trying to do their best, and it's the people caring for them that determine how they will act. While it's horrible that his owners didn't love him enough to get him help, at least the shelter and rescue were able to give him the fighting chance he deserved.

Congrats to Simba for being a good brave boy who was able to survive his rough start!

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