Single Mom Dies Rescuing 4 Children From Burning Home

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Single Mom Dies Rescuing 4 Children From Burning Home

GoFundMe / Kern County Fire Department

While they hope the chance to prove it will never come, any parent would give their life to rescue their child.

Sadly, a single mother from California paid the ultimate price this week, after rushing into a burning home to rescue four of her children.

Local news station WFLA reported that Kristina Stratton was arriving home with her young daughter last week, when she noticed their house was on fire.

Stratton, 38, didn't hesitate to rush into the house in an attempt to rescue her other four children, who were asleep on the second floor.

News reports say the trapped children - with ages from seven to 18 - managed to escape by breaking their bedroom windows and jumping outside.

Sadly, firefighters found Stratton dead inside the home.

As Stratton's husband died from cancer several years ago, her children are now orphaned. But her sister, Sarah Parks, only had praise for Stratton's selfless devotion to her family.

Kristina Stratton
Stratton's sister, Sarah, is looking after her five children.GoFundMe

"My sister just did what any mom would do, protecting her children," she told KERO-TV. "She's my hero. I hope I could be half the woman she is."

Parks is now caring for her sister's children - along with four of her own - and is being supported by a GoFundMe page to help get the family back on their feet after the tragedy.

In the coming days, she hopes to cover burial costs, add an extension to her home, and start college savings accounts for each of the five kids.

Donate to the family's GoFundMe page here.

Kern County's Fire Chief David Witt released a statement advising other parents how they can avoid losing their children in a similar disaster:

  • Have a well thought-out escape plan with multiple routes through your home. Include a meeting place a safe distance from your home.
  • Close doors at night, to slow the spread of fire, smoke, and heat during an emergency.
  • Install smoke alarms inside bedrooms, outside sleeping areas, and on each level of your home, along with carbon monoxide detectors.

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Rest in peace Kristina, your children will remember your sacrifice.

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