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"Missing Sisters" Spent 30 Years Living New Lives, Never Knowing They Were Gone

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There comes a time in a missing persons case where authorities need to move on to other cases. It's sad, but as years pass it can drain resources for other cases which may be more likely to be solved.

That's why the case of Anna and Kym Hakze, sisters that went missing in the mid-80s, is so strange.


Anna Hakze, now 67, was in her mid-thirties the last time her family saw her. Anna's younger sister, Kym (now 53), would have been in her early 20s. The two were inseparable according to their mom.

The last time their family saw them, Anna and Kym were in Edmonton, Canada in the mid-1980s. Anna slowly became estranged from her family and was struggling financially. However, it wasn't until 2003 that the sisters' mother reported them missing. She died before her daughters were ever found.


Police never closed the case, hoping someone might be able to provide information which would give the Hakze family some closure.

Over the years, there were a few tips about the sisters, but nothing concrete. At one point, it was believed they were victims of Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton after speculation the sisters had moved to Vancouver. There were no DNA matches so that lead fell short.

Police also managed to trace down an alias Anna Hakze was known to use, but they just found the woman the name belonged to and confirmed it was not the missing person. However, she gave police a newspaper clipping from 1984 by an author with the same, unusual name as her. She kept it for years thinking it was funny.

In 2012, police got a tip on the possible location of both sisters. One authored several books, though under a different name than the 1984 clipping, while the other went by an alias Kym was known to use. Once again, the trail ran dry and the police were left with no leads.

But then, something no one expected happened.

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