Sit, Stay, Skateboard! Stunt Dog Does 20 Tricks In 1 Minute

We have no idea how you teach a dog to ride a surfboard, but Omar Von Muller seems to have figured it out.

Von Muller trains dogs professionally, and some of his best students have been in some pretty famous Hollywood movies. Remember Uggie, the Jack Russell who stole everyone's hearts in The Artist? Von Muller trained him.

Since then he's been hard at work teaching Jumpy, an Australian border collie, how to do everything from dive underwater to run on walls and even ride a scooter. In this incredible video, Jumpy shows of 20 tricks that most people would have trouble pulling off!

Don't you feel dizzy just from watching him run around? There are lots more videos of Jumpy, Uggie, and other dogs Von Muller has trained on his YouTube channel. Just don't expect your dog will be able to pull off these stunts if you watch them!

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