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6 Animals Whose Incredible Journeys To Find Their Families Will Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy Inside

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It is the worst nightmare of any pet owner. One moment you are enjoying life with your forever companion, when suddenly you look around and realize that they've vanished. The distress turns into grief as the hours turn into days and you worry that you will never see your little buddy again.

But we should always hold onto hope, and never doubt a furry family member's ability to track you back down. Here are a handful of happy "tails" of pets managing to find their way back home!

Laser The Beagle

When Laser got free off his leash after being spooked by a fireworks display at the family cottage, the LePage's were worried that they would never see him again. When they returned home, they did their best to reach out to people in the area, but to no avail.

But six weeks later, Laser lived up to his name and used his ancestral tracking skills to find his family after travelling 50 miles home. What is even more amazing is that the LePage's had only adopted their pup a month before his amazing journey!

Alfie: Case Of Missing Identity

Sometimes you have to think you have truly lost before you can move on. That's the way it was with Angelo Petrillo when his orange tom cat. Alfie went missing one night and a few days later a cat was found hit by a car in the community.

Petrillo thought for sure it was his own, and even held a burial service for 'Alfie'. Flash forward nine months later when the Petrillo's had moved to a new house, and they receive a phone call from a friend in his old neighborhood. Alfie was back and trying to get into his old home!

There's nothing like getting a friend back after so much time, but it's even more incredible when they come back with a few stories to tell...

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