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Bones Found In Montana Shed Could Crack Michigan Cold Case

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In 2010, Tanya Zuvers and her soon-to-be ex-husband, John Skelton, were going through a nasty divorce. Their three young children were caught in the middle of it all, sadly, and it turned tragic.

Nine-year-old Andrew, seven-year-old Alex, and five-year-old Tanner, went to their dad's house for Thanksgiving in Morenci, Michigan. When the kids were not returned to Zuvers the next day, she called the police. Skelton was arrested, and an investigation began.

The three boys were never found, and Skelton's story kept changing. Originally, he said the kids were with a friend. Then, the dad said he had handed over the kids to an "organization" as a way to protect them from their mother. He claimed the Zuvers was abusing her own children, having already been charged with having sex with a 14-year-old boy in the '90s. Zuvers maintained that she never hurt her children.

"That has all been investigated," Zuvers said. "My stuff was gone through. My children come first. Always have, always will. My dream job was to be a mom, and it is the greatest job in the world. But to say that I abused my sons, (that) kills me."

Tanya Zuvers says it "kills her" that people believe she abused her own sons.Toldeo Blade

Skelton was ultimately charged with unlawful imprisonment and parental kidnapping. The kidnapping charge was dropped, but the father pleaded no contest to unlawful imprisonment. At his sentencing, Skelton refused to tell the judge where his children were.

“For months I have asked you to return Andrew, Alexander and Tanner. You have refused to answer me truthfully,” Lenawee Circuit Court Judge Margaret Noe told Skelton before sentencing him to 10 to 15 years, the AP reported. “Your explanations have been ridiculous, albeit more sad than anything else.”

John Skelton was sentenced to 10-15 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment of his three kids.Cleveland

Michigan authorities said they were building a murder case against Skelton, with the police chief saying, "I believe that John Skelton murdered those boys." Charges against the father were never filed.

On the seven year anniversary of her children's disappearance, Tanya Zuvers still held out hope that her sons were still alive.

“I wonder, are they scared? Are they crying for me?” Zuvers asked. “It’s so hard to imagine them hurting for me and not being able to do anything about it.”

Alexander, Andrew, and Tanner Skelton went missing on Thanksgiving 2010.Twitter

"As a police officer, you know, you're realistic," Lt. Detective Jeremy Brewer, who took over the case in 2013, said. "You have to be realistic because you've had cases that some are solved and some are not. On a case like this, with the magnitude, with the resources we have directed towards it, I firmly believe without a doubt that we will get some type of closure on it one day."

Now, just over seven years since Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton went missing, a breakthrough in the case has been uncovered.

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