Your Sleeping Position Says A Lot About Your Personality

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Your Sleeping Position Says A Lot About Your Personality

Do you pay attention to the way you sleep at night? You've probably noticed the way your partner sleeps. My boyfriend likes to sprawl out on the bed and take as much room as possible, which is less than ideal for me.

I'm usually a fetal position sleeper, but I often find that when I go to bed at night, I wake up differently in the morning! The thing is, the way you sleep can actually give away a lot about your personality.

So what does yours say about you?

The Fetal Position

Did you know that about 41% of people sleep in the fetal position, and more than double the amount of women do than men?

If you sleep in the fetal position naturally, then you have a hard shell. However, the reality is you're a big softy on the inside! It takes a while for you to feel comfortable around new people, but when you do open up they wonder how you were ever shy in the first place!

Sleeping on your side helps to relieve pressure on your spine and can prevent acid reflux.

The Log


Personally, this sounds extremely uncomfortable, but apparently 15% of people find that sleeping on their side with their arms by their side is the best way to go. But even though the sleeping position is boring, doesn't mean the person is!

People who sleep in the log position are social butterflies and love being friends with everyone! They're very popular and trusting, but that also means they're gullible. Maybe they're so tired from being social they can fall asleep in any position!

The Yearner

If you fall asleep on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you, some people might think you're trying to find your spouse (or an extra pillow.) The reality is, people who sleep in the yearner position are actually pretty complicated. They're very cynical about things happening around them, but try to keep an open mind. Decisions are made slowly and suspiciously, but once one is made, that decision is stuck to!

But what about the other positions?

The Soldier

Only 8% of people sleep like a soldier, and that's probably because it's wildly uncomfortable. Sleeping on your back with your arms by your side sounds like you're in a morgue, but some people actually find it's the best way to catch some Zs.

These people, not surprisingly, are very reserved and quiet. They hold themselves to a higher standard than others and have strict moral codes.

Sleeping on your back provides a lot of spine support and doesn't cause wrinkles on your face. However, it can make your snoring a lot worse.

The Freefaller

I used to sleep like this and then started getting back pain, so it's no longer an option. The Freefaller lays on their stomach with their arms wrapped around their pillow and head turned to the side.

Ker Wei Kwee

These people are extremely extroverted and bold, but deep down they fear criticism and judgement. They're the epitome of "you can dish it out but can't take it in."

The issue with the freefaller is that sleeping on your stomach is terrible for your back, because there's no support offered by the mattress. It also can cause neck pains.

The Starfish

Ahem...this is my boyfriend. If the bed isn't totally taken up by his limbs, then he's probably not in it yet. Starfish sleepers like to spread out and stretch, which I'm sure is comfortable for them, but not so much for the other person in the bed.

That being said, starfish sleepers are some of the best friends you'll have. They're always willing to lend a hand, regardless of whether or not they'll be celebrated for doing so. These people also don't like being the center of attention, but somehow find themselves there once in a while.

The Star-Gazer

I have literally never heard of someone who sleeps like this, but I'm sure they exist. Star-gazer sleepers lay on their backs with their hands behind their head, just as though they were laying in a field looking at the stars.

Star-gazer sleepers make friendships a priority no matter what, and each friend is a dear one. They have a happy-go-lucky lifestyle and see the positive in everything.

The Pillow Hugger

Pillow hugger sleepers are just that...people who hug their pillows almost like it's a teddy bear. They love to snuggle and get wrapped under blankets before bed.

These people cherish relationships over absolutely everything, and hold a high value to every person they come in contact with.

The Thinker

Think of this as the fetal position, but with a hand under your chin or beside your face. It's the classic sleeping pose you'll see in plays or commercials, and people who sleep like this vary between two extremes. Thinker sleepers are very emotional and unpredictable.

Was your position accurate?

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