Watch: Slip And Fall Faker Caught On Security Camera

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Watch: Slip And Fall Faker Caught On Security Camera

Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office - Facebook

As strange as it may sound, I'll admit I sometimes fantasize about getting in an accident.

Not the serious, life-threatening kind, of course. But the sort where a sign might fall on you at the grocery store, or you slip and fall on some soda at the movie theater.

While these mishaps could be painful, anyone who suffers them is basically guaranteed to get a valuable payday to make up for their injuries. Which could explain the odd behavior a New Jersey man showed in this embarrassing video.

Slip and fall fraud
Prosecutors say their video proves Goldinsky faked his injuries.Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office - Facebook

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office shared surveillance camera footage of Alexander Goldinsky, 57, who was arrested and charged with insurance fraud earlier this month.

Goldinsky was working for a company in Woodbridge when he allegedly attempted to scam the business with a fake "slip and fall" accident.

In a video of the incident, Goldinsky can be seen dropping ice on a break room floor, before gently lowering himself to the ground - by holding on to the counter - and posing as if he had fallen on his back. Goldinsky reportedly waited on the floor until a bystander discovered him there.

Man charged in fake slip and fall

Posted by Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Prosecutors say Goldinsky filed a false insurance claim after the "accident" last year, reporting that he needed an ambulance and treatment for injuries from his "fall."

In a statement, prosecutors insist the video proves that Goldinsky faked the fall. "Fraudulent claims cost everyone," they said, "and we will aggressively prosecute those who illegally manipulate the system."

After the prosecutor's office shared video of Goldinsky's "accident" online, many joked that he should be charged with bad acting as well as fraud.

"I say we start a @gofundme for acting lessons," one person tweeted.

Goldinsky has been charged with insurance fraud in the third degree, theft by deception, and fraudulently filing an insurance claim.

He's not the only person to be caught on camera suffering a suspicious workplace injury, either. Sheyla White of Florida tried to get cash out of her company in 2015, after a sprinkler fell from the ceiling above her.

While White originally claimed the sprinkler landed on her head, surveillance footage revealed it actually landed harmlessly on her desk.

In the video, you can actually watch the wheels turning in White's head as she picks up the sprinkler, considers it, and whacks herself in the head with it.

After investigators from Florida's Department of Financial Services uncovered the video, White was convicted of fraud and sentenced to 18 months probation.

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Have you ever seen someone try to fake an accident like this in real life?

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