Watch: Mom Embarrasses Her Son Dancing To Backstreet Boys In Traffic Jam


Watch: Mom Embarrasses Her Son Dancing To Backstreet Boys In Traffic Jam

Wendy Chupp Gossett - Facebook

In recent months, there's been a string of entertaining news stories where moms publicly humiliate their kids with killer dance moves or impressive lip sync skills.

But this viral performance from Colorado could earn the prestigious title of "most embarrassing mom dance caught on film so far."

It comes courtesy of Wendy Chupp Gossett, who found herself stuck in traffic for "4.5 hours" last weekend, in a jam she compared to "a zombie apocalypse."

Dancing Backstreet Boys
Gossett had a blast, while her son looked mortified by her dance moves.CBS Denver - Facebook

Of course, we all go a little stir crazy when we've been cooped up in the car that long, and Gossett obviously needed to blow off some steam. Her chance came as "Everybody" by Backstreet Boys played on the radio, giving the mom a reason to hop out of the car, show off her moves, and embarrass her son.

Gossett said she was "trying to get a real life La La Land," as in recreating the opening of the movie musical where people stuck in traffic get up and dance on their cars.

We've all been there (or we will be soon.) It's winter in Colorado and the interstate is stuck at a stand-still. Are you the mom or the son?

Posted by CBS Denver on Monday, January 21, 2019

The mom didn't spark a dance-off with her fellow drivers, but her daughter did get some hilarious shots of her son looking mortified by the impromptu performance.

"Maybe if it hadn't been the Backstreet boys he would have been happier!" she told CBS 4. What, he's more of an NSYNC fan?

Gossett's story did have a happy ending, as her family eventually made it safely to Pueblo. And she managed to make at least one hilarious memory along the way.

Dancing mom Backstreet Boys
The family made it safely to their destination, after the roadside dance break.Wendy Chupp Gossett - Facebook

"The best part of this whole experience has been that my daughter, who is quite the private and 'cool' girl, now thinks I am cool and all her friends think I am the bomb!" Gossett said. "So funny!"

Since her trip, the video shot by Gossett's daughter has been watched more than 100,000 times, and even earned a mention from Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter.

"OMG!" he wrote. "Get back in your car lol. Ps. Nice jam."

[H/T: CBS 4]

Have you ever embarrassed your family with dance moves like these?

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