Snooze Button Saves Man From Being Impaled In His Bathroom

We all have heard of saved by the bell, but how about saved by the snooze? Raymond Bowling is counting his blessings this morning because thanks to his snooze alarm, he wasn't impaled by a tree.

Raymond Bowling of Austin Indiana usually sets his alarm for 5:30 AM and hits the snooze button once to start his day. On this particular morning, he wasn't quite ready to take on the day after the 9 minute snooze, so he grabbed a few extra minutes of shut eye.

He then woke up with a start to find a tree where he would have been standing to brush his teeth, if he had gotten up on time.

What I'm dealing with this morning... I actually stood up to start getting ready for work but decided to let the snooze...

Posted by Raymond Bowling on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dozens of homes in the area were damaged because of severe rain, lightning and wind.

Now that we know he's okay, his friends are starting to have some fun with the story.

On a lighter note, thanks Shane E. Deaton!

Posted by Raymond Bowling on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I guess the next time the snooze button goes off, you could have an excuse to stay in bed a few minutes longer.

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