Someone Did The Unthinkable To This Protected Rhino In A Zoo

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Someone Did The Unthinkable To This Protected Rhino In A Zoo

In a disgusting act of animal cruelty, poachers broke into a French zoo and murdered a rare white rhinocerous named Vince.

The poor, innocent animal was just four years old when he was brutally killed for his horns. When zookeepers found Vince the next morning he was dead in his enclosure, his horn had been sawed off.

The Thoiry zoo and wildlife park is just 30 miles outside of Paris. According to officials, it is believed to be the first time in Europe that a rhino in captivity has been attacked and killed.

Reuters reports that one kilo of rhino horn can be worth up to $53,900 USD on the black market in 2015.

Poachers broke through the gate of the wildlife park at night and forced the metal door of the enclosure where Vince the rhino lived. Police believe that the poachers were interrupted during their intrusion as the rhino's second horn was only partially cut.

The total population of southern white rhino was on the brink of extinction, but has recently recovered to about 20,000 living animals. According to South African government data, rates of rhino poaching has fallen in the last two years.

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