Someone Taught This Strange Animal To Play Connect 4

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Someone Taught This Strange Animal To Play Connect 4

We call dogs "man's best friend," but what fun is a best friend that you can't play any games with?

Dogs can play fetch and cats will chase a laser pointer, but how about a pet that will play board games with you? Animal trainer Nicolle von Eberkopf from Germany has trained her exotic pet Sunny to play Connect 4 against her.

Sunny is a coati, a type of wild raccoon from Central and South America that's the cutest animal you've never heard of. As it turns out, Coatis are very smart little creatures, and Sunny has mastered this game.

This little critter is still learning - and it looks like he has some trouble holding the pieces - so we won't hold it against him that he missed a totally obvious chance to win the game.

Besides, this isn't Sunny's only talent. Along with mind games, this coati is a star athlete, putting human goalies to shame on his miniature soccer field.

Eberkopf trains animals for television and live shows, but she also has some fun teaching them pretty strange tricks.

Take Moritz the pig for example: this little porker has learned how to do everything from solving children's puzzles and playing the piano to lifting weights.

He can even feed himself using a specially designed popcorn machine.

If you want to see more of Eberkopf and her smarty-pants animals, be sure to check out her YouTube channel.

Good luck teaching your dog how to do these tricks! Maybe start with "roll over" and then introduce them to Monopoly over a few weeks.

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