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9 Reasons Having A Son Is The Best Blessing You Could Ever Receive

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Having kids is a true gift from God. They grace us with their smiles and laughter every day, and even when we're upset or disappointed with them, nothing can replace the love they make us feel unconditionally.

Any mom of boys will understand just how much love there is between a mother and her sons. It's a love unlike any other, and it reminds us constantly that having a son is the best blessing you could ever have in life. Here's why:

1. They love their mamas.


This seems obvious, but the love a son has for his mother stands the test of time. They may try to rebel and be a "bad boy," but they will always have a soft spot for their first caretaker. Even though girls are often seen as the emotional ones, sons will always love a hug from their mother, especially when they're younger. They grow up loving cuddles and wanting to stay close, because of the connection between a son and his mother.

2. They're younger, longer.


Some people may see this as a curse, but boys are young at heart for a lot longer. You can still help them grow and mature even while they're in high school, and that's something you can never replace. Being a mother to boys is so rewarding, and any mom will tell you they want to hold on to that nurturing relationship as long as they can.

3. They're (usually) easier to get ready.


Of course, there's always the exception, but with boys it is so much easier to get them up and out the door. They don't care what they're wearing, they don't need ponytails or braids or any other hairstyle that requires effort. Boys will go with whatever you lay out for them (for the most part) and won't spend 20 minutes complaining that they want to wear the purple skirt with the green tank top!

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