Grown Up Sophia Grace And Rosie Send Ellen A Sweet Birthday Message [Video]


Grown Up Sophia Grace And Rosie Send Ellen A Sweet Birthday Message [Video]

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly seven years since Ellen DeGeneres invited the tutu-wearing duo, Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland, to recreate their viral cover of the Nicki Minaj song "Super Bass."

The girls were just eight and five years old at the time, but they proved that they were destined for stardom. They won Ellen and America's hearts and went on to make regular appearances on the show.

The adorable pint-sized cousins interviewed celebrities at red carpet events on behalf of The Ellen Show, guest starred on shows such as Sam & Cat, published a children's book titled "Tea Time With Sophia Grace and Rosie," and even starred in their very own movie called Sophia Grace and Rosie's Royal Adventure.

They also inspired the toy company JustPlay to create singing dolls modeled after them.


Sophia Grace and Rosie eventually parted ways with Ellen so they could focus on other projects, but despite their success, the girls never forgot their roots.

A couple of years after their Ellen Show debut, Sophia Grace and Rosie returned to chat with the host, and share updates about their lives in the limelight. The girls, who were noticeably older, no longer wore their tutus and tiaras.

Sophia Grace, now 14, found her calling as a singer and has released a number of songs and music videos. She's also a judge on an ABC show called Toy Box.

Smile 😊

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The aspiring pop star still uploads song covers, original music, makeup tutorials, and some parodies on her YouTube account, which she says she does "to spread joy and inspire other little girls."

Perfect Birthday 🎉 🦄 @therealsophiagrace

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As for 11-year-old Rosie, she decided to step out of the spotlight to focus on school and gymnastics, which she is very passionate about.  

The talented cousins haven't worked together in years, but they recently came together to record a video for "Aunty Ellen" as they affectionately call her. Sophia Grace and Rosie recorded a sweet video message for the host's 60th birthday, which was on January 26.

I didn't think I was getting old until I saw @therealsophiagrace & @rosiergm now.

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"We just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday," Sophia Grace said. "We've had so many amazing memories, Ellen," Rosie added.

Ellen played the clip on her show, and jokingly quipped: "That's when you feel the aging, 'cause you see them age and then you compare it and so now, I feel old. And Rosie wasn't even talking at the time. She never talks. She's talking now."


The video was then shared on The Ellen Show's Instagram page along with the caption, "I didn't think I was getting old until I saw @therealsophiagrace & @rosiegm now."

Well, turns out Ellen wasn't alone in that sentiment. The comment section was flooded with people commenting on how big the girls look, and how it made them feel older.

Does seeing Sophia Grace and Rosie make you feel old too? Let us know!

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