Youngest 'America's Got Talent' Contestant Ever Stole The Show With A Golden Oldie

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Youngest 'America's Got Talent' Contestant Ever Stole The Show With A Golden Oldie

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We're not even at the live rounds yet, but this season of America's Got Talent has already been so memorable.

The show has delivered everything from terrifying falls to Golden Buzzer-worthy acts, and even judging drama.

But a pint-sized performer topped them all this week, with a performance that some say was snubbed for a Golden Buzzer.

Young Voice, Old Song

America's Got Talent

Sophie Fatu is just five years old, but you would never guess from her singing voice.

The kindergartner has already impressed crowds with performances on Ellen and Little Big Shots, but made history by stepping on the AGT stage.

Fatu became the youngest performer ever on the show, and she was a hit before she even sang a note.

When Simon Cowell asked how the adorable tyke would spend the show's $1 million grand prize, she had the perfect answer.

Sophie Fatu

"I don't really care about money. I just want to sing for everyone and make them happy."

And boy, did she ever!

If her performance of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" didn't put a smile on your face, you must have watched it with the sound turned off.

Even the sometimes crusty Simon Cowell had nothing but praise for the young star.

"You shouldn't even be able to remember the words, let alone sing like that with the key change and everything. Amazing," he told her.

"When you hold onto those long notes you have like a really rich vibrato, which is so strange I'm even saying that because you're only five," Mel B added.

In the end, Fatu didn't advance to the live shows, but she was obviously happy with her appearance.

"Best moment of my life," her Twitter account commented on a video of her performance.

Sophie Fatu
Sophie Fatu - Twitter

"[Frank Sinatra's official Facebook page] just posted about Sophie and my heart literally stopped and I'm all in tears!" wrote one of her parents on the same account.

"I showed this to Sophie and she quietly gasped: 'Is he...proud of me?'" We bet he would be.

If you want to see even more of Fatu's singing, you can check out her YouTube channel.

Make That Seven Golden Buzzers

America's Got Talent

On the same episode as Fatu's performance, Los Angeles' Angel City Chorale moved one judge to give them a pass straight to the live rounds.

The choir had already impressed the judges - and the audience - with their cover of Toto's "Africa" in the first round.

This time they went with an unconventional choice: the theme song from the video game Civilization IV, "Babe Yetu."

If you have any doubts about their choice, listening to them bring the song to life will make them disappear.

Actress Olivia Munn, the episode's guest judge, decided their awesome performance was worthy of her Golden Buzzer.

But fans are irked by her choice, and not just because Fatu didn't get the pass.

AGT's audience is getting fed up by the number of singers advancing through the talent competition.

America's Got Talent

Of the seven passes handed out so far this season, only one went to a non-singing act, the aerial dance team Zurcaroh.

By the time comedian Ken Jeong gave his buzzer to the Voices of Hope childrens' choir, some fans were in revolt.

But then again, Simon Cowell has pointed out that a choir has never won AGT. This season there's a good chance that at least one will make it to the final.

Are you upset by the number of singing acts? Or are you loving this season of AGT?

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