Disaster Strikes When Trapeze Act On 'America's Got Talent' Goes Horribly Wrong

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Disaster Strikes When Trapeze Act On 'America's Got Talent' Goes Horribly Wrong

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Since 2006, America's Got Talent has been entertaining millions of fans with the incredible acts seen on the show.

Although the winning contestants won't actually get the entire $1 million grand prize, the talent competition has skyrocketed regular people into fame, and it's unlikely the public will forget the winners anytime soon.

However, while we all relish in the good performances, there are times when there are mishaps in the entertainers' acts, and the episode on July 17 proved just that.

Trapeze artists Mary and Tyce, who is legally blind in his right eye, had previously wowed the judges before with their other stunts, but then things came crashing down - literally.  

The duo were performing their final trick high above the stage, which was on fire, when Mary slipped from her blindfolded husband's grasp and plummeted to the floor.

But, the the judges weren't the only ones breaking out into terrified faces. In the audience was the couple's two-year-old son Jaxx and Mary's mother, who had to shield her eyes from the accident.

Luckily, Mary assured the judges she wasn't hurt, and the couple even insisted on reattempting the challenging act, but were shot down by the judges.

"No, it's fine! It's fine." Mel B. yelled, while guest host Ken Jeong said it wouldn't be necessary.

"This is not America's Got Perfection, it's America's Got Talent, nobody can do this," the actor reassured them.

Simon Cowell, a notoriously harsh critic, explained that everyone makes mistakes on the stage, and that Mary should be thankful didn't end up "breaking her neck."

Fellow host Howie Mandell added, "You almost got hurt very badly and your first thought was 'Let me do that again!' only on America's Got Talent does that happen."

Despite Mary and Tyce's setback, the couple were chosen to advance to the next round, which will be at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

For those not of the faint of heart, check out the mishap for yourself:

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