Spinning Otter Hits His Friend, Instantly Becomes Famous

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Spinning Otter Hits His Friend, Instantly Becomes Famous

With friends like these who needs enemies?

Otters are known as one of the most adorable animals in all of creation. They have cute furry faces, they smile, play and they even hold hands while they sleep.

Look at this and tell me it's not the most adorable thing you've ever seen:

Otters Holding Hands
Mother Nature Network

Their playful nature has made them a favorite of top ten lists, post cards, memes and gifs. Like this one below of an otter playing with a rock.

So friggin cute. But as a mother otter might say: "It's all fun and games until someone gets hit by a spinning piece of plastic."

That's exactly what happened in this otter enclosure in an as-of-yet identified zoo. An otter, picked up a plastic ring and started spinning like only an otter can spin. Unfortunately another otter, unbeknownst to the furry frolicking fiend, was making his way across the pond.

The spinning otter smacks the other otter right in the face, sending him flying.

Home run.

Both otters are okay, but I bet the spinning one spend the rest of the day apologizing. Here's hoping they ended up spending the night holding hands.

Watch the epic otter action below:

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