Spooky Movies To Watch High

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Spooky Movies To Watch High

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What better way to ring in the sweater weather and Halloween vibes with a few bong rips and scary movies? There’s really no other way you should watch a scary movie than to be stoned out of your mind, right? So in the spirit of October and staying indoors, the only thing you should be thinking about is the list of scary movies to watch high. Gather up your best munchie favorites, have a few joints prepared and start off with a big dab to get you going!

Horror movies to watch while high

In most cases, stoners get high and get a case of the giggles. But pair a few joints with a good horror film and you will be wondering where the eff you are. We suggest you smoke a nice strain you are used to before watching scary films so that there is a nice balance between feeling the jitters and just being flat out high. You know yourself best!

Midsommar (2019)

(credit to Tomriss Laffly review of Midsommar)

A horror film taking place in Sweden for a special festival that happens every 90 years, Midsommar is definitely a spooky film that you want to be high for. There are a lot of moving parts in this movie so get ready to sit through the entire thing with your jaw wide open. The movie starts out with one of the main characters, Dani, experiencing a horrific tragedy of her sister killing herself and both parents in a carbon monoxide incident. From there, Dani’s relationship became strained with her boyfriend, Christian, who gets invited to Sweden to attend the special midsummer celebration. Initially not invited herself, Dani tags along and once they arrive with a few others the chaos ensues. There are a ton of drugs and mind blowing things going on that are elevated even more when high, so enjoy this for what it is and remember you are in the comfort of your couch and not in a crazy cult scenario!


A popular franchise since 1993, Leprechaun has had many remakes over the years so feel free to choose whichever fits your taste best. This type of scary movie has comedy mixed in as well so it would be nice to wind down to after a true horror film that has you scared to fall asleep. Leprechauns are pretty creepy though but a few bong rips should have you laughing uncontrollably and do the trick. Most of the Leprechaun films involve some scenario of the evil and sadistic Leprechaun wanting his gold back and wreaking havoc on the innocent. It is equal parts creepy as it is funny and is a great movie to have in the background while taking some dabs.

The Shining

Made in 1980, The Shining is a classic horror film that will have you on the edge of your seat. Jack, a writer, moves to take a winter caretaker role at a remote hotel. This hotel is actually haunted after being built on a Native American burial ground, and he is told that he and his family should stay away from room 237. While Jack initially wanted to use the solitude to write, very demonic things begin to occur with violent outbursts by Jack and weird instances are unexplainable. This movie will have you not wanting to stay in hotel rooms for a while and quite honestly afraid of identical twins holding hands. Take a hit every time the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, you are sure to be high out of your mind.

The Smiling Man

Taking place in a normal household and the plot surrounding a little girl, The Smiling Man in itself will hit home for most. When a little girl is left home alone, an evil force is actually keeping her company and sealing her fate. It is pretty scary to watch when you think about a child being home alone and then kicking it all the way back to your childhood with don’t look under the bed kind of fears! The Smiling Man is sure to have you looking over your shoulder when you get up to use the bathroom, good luck with going to bed easily after this one. We suggest taking an edible to help!


1989 horror film Society is one that you’ll definitely want to be high for and have you feeling like WTF. Based on Bill, a teenager in Beverly Hills, he realizes something is off about his family and in many attempts to expose the truth about his parent’s involvement in a gruesome cult. It seems like Bill cannot trust anyone in his family or even his town, he navigates his way to finding out what’s going on and unconsciously fighting for his life. The director Brian Yuzna must’ve definitely been high to create a thriller like this one with a few ironic correlations to the two-faced stigma of society. Definitely worth a watch!

There are many spooky movies to watch that will have you on the edge of your couch or hiding under the covers. These are a few scary films that pair nicely with weed and popcorn, so make sure to buy bongs online, get your favorite weed delivered and cozy up to the best spooky movies to watch high!

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