Gorgeously Renovated Home Can't Find A Buyer Because Of Its Spooky History


Gorgeously Renovated Home Can't Find A Buyer Because Of Its Spooky History

Bedfords/East Anglia News Service

Sitting out there in the countryside, surrounded by lush green fields idyllic peace and quiet, there is someone's dream home. It's a converted Methodist chapel, with state-of-the-art renovations, unmatched exterior architecture, and a wide-open and light-filled interior. You will just have to get over one small thing.

Dead bodies.

The luxury three-bedroom home was first listed for £590,000, about $769,000, in April of last year but since then it has been slashed almost $150,000. Even with the dramatic price drop, they just can't find a buyer.

"It is a very stylish property, but the activity levels around it have certainly been lower than we would expect," Emmerson Dutton, a partner at Bedfords Realty in the UK. "I am sure that the gravestones have been a factor in putting off some buyers."

The wide-open and bright interior is contrasted with the front yard cemetery that makes for a startling first impression.

But don't worry! The graveyard isn't actually a part of the house. It was leased to the Church of England back when the property was a church, that lease extends for 999 years. The Church of England is responsible for the upkeep, so any prospective buyer doesn't have to get their hands dirty.

Although it doesn't appear that the work was the unsettling thing about the graveyard. To their credit, the realtors are very upfront about the deceased tenets.

"I think the people who are concerned about the graves don't go as far as asking for a viewing. We are not trying to hide the gravestones away so the details clearly show them."

Dutton thinks that whoever purchases the home will quickly become used to the strange feature. When you're inside you can barely notice them.

Noting that, although the cemetery is out front, the main entrance is actually in the rear, meaning you don't have to walk by them every time you bring in your groceries.

"Also when you are inside the house, you are not really overlooking the graves because of the layout inside," he added.

Located near the English village of Norfolk and with a brand new roof and windows, Dutton says the house is worth more than £100,000 what they're asking for, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

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