Sports Anchor's Tribute To 'Girl Dad' Kobe Bryant Brings World To Tears

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Sports Anchor's Tribute To 'Girl Dad' Kobe Bryant Brings World To Tears

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Elle Duncan shared the most touching post about the late Kobe Bryant that I have seen to date.

Lauren "Elle" Duncan is a sports anchor for ESPN. She met Kobe one time, but what she shared about that moment is touching hearts across the world.

I met Kobe Bryant one time..

"We were doing ESPN upfronts together in NYC", begins her Instagram post. "He came over and started talking to me about my impending baby (as you can see I was 13 months pregnant).

I asked if he had advice on raising girls— he said “Just be grateful you’ve been given that gift, girls are amazing.” He bragged for a few minutes about what his 3 daughters were doing and how tough they were. He commented his wife Vanessa wanted to try for a boy but was jokingly concerned it would be another girl.. I said “How would you feel about that?” WITHOUT hesitation he said “I WOULD HAVE 5 MORE GIRLS IF I COULD.. I’m a girl dad I love the challenge of raising women.”

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My Gigi

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Little did I know he would have that 4th girl. Or that I would sit backstage for half an hour chatting up the GOAT about his new retired life and what was ahead. I left so impressed with his ability to exist normally in a space where he was being fawned and followed. How he took time for this Real pregnant women he didn’t know to have a real convo with a line of people waiting for a moment just to reassure her. I’m glad to have had that brief time with him. I’m so sorry that 4th girl won’t know her dad.

In her broadcast about the meeting, which you can watch below, she went on to elaborate: "When it came to sports, he said that his oldest daughter [Natalia] was an accomplished volleyball player and that the youngest was a toddler, so TBD. But that middle one," she goes on, fighting back tears. "He said, 'That middle one was a monster. She's a beast. She's better than I was at her age. She's got it.' That middle one, of course, was Gigi."

"When I reflect on this tragedy and that half an hour that I spent with Kobe Bryant two years ago," Duncan said, "I suppose that the only small source of comfort for me is knowing that he died doing what he loved the most: being a dad, being a girl dad."

Chrissy Teigen posted the video on Instagram as well. She too was moved by the video saying:

"In a sea of tributes that ached my soul, this one had to be the most beautiful and heart wrenching. Thinking of their friends, families and the pain they are going through with great love. Someone take care of all the broken hearts dealing with unimaginable loss. Thank you, @elleduncan."

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