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Stepfather Was In Tears When He Opened This Special Birthday Gift

Giselle Santoyo - Twitter

A teenager gave her stepfather a gift he will never forget last week, and captured his emotional reaction on video.

There was only a small frame inside the huge cardboard box in the video, but the documents inside had a special meaning for Giselle Santoyo's stepfather.

The teen from McMinnville, Oregon shared the video on social media with a heartfelt message.

"My greatest gift in life is you being my dad," she wrote, before explaining that her stepfather did not manage to officially adopt her before she turned 18.

So instead, she made a gesture that meant the world to her stepfather by changing her name.

"Here I am with your gift, I changed my last name for you. I love you forever, happy birthday," she wrote.

"I am legally Giselle Marie Santoyo."

Now, her sweet video is going viral, and audiences online can't get enough of her stepdad's heartfelt reaction.

"This brought tears to my eyes!" shared one viewer.

"Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment," said another.

[H/T: Global News]

We wish Santoyo and her family all the best!

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