Steve Irwin's Daughter Walks In His Footsteps As She Finds Love The Same Way Her Father Did

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Ten years since his death, Steve Irwin holds a special place in people's hearts, especially those in his family.

He met Terri, an American-born woman, while she was on an educational trip to Australia in the early 90s. After a whirlwind romance, they married just months later.

"If I hadn't met Steve, I probably would never have married because I wasn't looking for love when I met him. What we had was incredible," she said.

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After their wedding, held in Oregon, the two caught their first crocodile together on their honeymoon. Steve had heard about about a couple of crocs that were in danger because of poachers and before it was too late the newlyweds hopped on a plane to Australia to tag team the massive three-meter female that was caught in a net trap. And that was a turning point in their relationship.

Steve was killed by a stingray in September 2006.

Since his passing Terri hasn't even considered dating.

"I feel a connection still with Steve," the mother-of-two told Access Hollywood. "You know when you take those vows, and say 'we'll be together as long as we both shall live,' I really don't think I would've married if I hadn't met Steve. And he's very special to me and continues to be."

When her daughter Bindi asked how she felt about her mom dating, she responded with her mom's happiness at the forefront of her mind.

"Honestly, all I want in life in mom's happiness," Bindi said. "What people sometimes forget is that when you find your soulmate, if you've found that soulmate you really don't want to move on. So mom had her soulmate and mom and dad will always be married and will always be together. I think that's a beautiful thing."

It's that mindset on happiness that has Bindi sharing some exciting news of her own.

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