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Steve Wilkos Hospitalized After Serious Car Crash

Talk show host Steve Wikos was recently in a serious car crash that required him to be transported to a hospital, reported celebrity news website TMZ.

Wilkos, 53, was driving around Darien, Connecticut on the afternoon of January 21 when he became involved in a single-car wreck.


According to law enforcement, the vehicle hit several poles as well as a tree before flipping over to its side.

The former marine-turned-celebrity was treated for multiple injuries but has since been discharged from the hospital. He opened up about the accident during an interview with TMZ shortly after he was released.

Wilkos, a father of three said that he was "lucky to be alive" after seeing the damage sustained by the car, then explained what caused the crash.

Wilkos clarified that he wasn't under the influence because he neither drinks alcohol nor does drugs. Turns out, the accident occurred after he lost control of the car while trying to reach for his glasses, which he usually wears when he is behind the wheel.

"I am so thankful to the first responders from Post 53 and our local police department in Darien, Connecticut, as well as all the wonderful people who took care of me at Stamford hospital," he said.


Wilkos also said that his injuries aren't very serious, he's just beat up, but will be fine. However, he is devastated about another accident that occurred the same day and claimed the lives of his show's audio guy and their wife.

As for Wilkos's crash, it still remains an "open and active investigation," according to police.

Prior to landing his own show in 2007, Wilkos previously worked as a Chicago PD officer and a bodyguard on The Jerry Springer Show. On numerous occasions, he filled in for the host with Springer dubbing him a "natural choice" due to his experience with law enforcement.

The Steve Wilkos Show has since suspended production, but it is expected to begin again in a couple of days.

We're wishing Wilkos a speedy recovery!

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