Smoking And Drinking Coffee Can Give You "Hairy Tongue"...Seriously

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Smoking And Drinking Coffee Can Give You "Hairy Tongue"...Seriously

If you notice something gross on your tongue when you brush your teeth, or always feel a tickle at the back of your mouth, it may not just be your imagination.

Dentists and oral health experts say as much as 13% of people may have the disgusting condition known as "hairy tongue," and some common foods can make your chance of developing it much worse.

It turns out your tongue is covered with tiny cone-shaped growths made of keratin, the same stuff as your hair. These can grow up to 15 times their normal size, and the result is pretty disgusting.


The older you get, the more likely you are to develop hairy tongue, and men are more likely than women.

There's no cause, it just happens for some people, but experts say things like coffee, tea, smoking and bad hygiene can make your condition worse.

Food can even get caught in the "hairs," giving you bad breath. Thankfully, there are no serious health risks from this condition and it's very easy to treat.

Dr. Oz

If you notice any hairs developing on your tongue, a daily scrape with your toothbrush or tongue scrubber will keep them at bay.

If you're not seeing results, visit your dentist and they can remove them for you. But remember: the best way to keep your mouth hairless is to brush and use mouthwash often.

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