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Store Owner With A Heart Of Gold Builds A Sanctuary For Stray Cats

If you visit the busy market in Agadir, Morocco, one vendor's store will stand out in the crowded streets full of shops and people.

Nour Eddine's clothing store has a very special feature that you won't find anywhere else in the market: a front garden that's home to the city's stray cats.

In the hustle and bustle of the city, it can be easy to overlook these small creatures, but Eddine has a special place in his heart for them.

Ibrahim Fadel

Ibrahim Fadel

He built the garden years ago, and it's become a sanctuary for abandoned and injured animals.

Eddine gives his cats food and water, and will even buy them medicine.

Ibrahim Fadel

"When one of the cats get sick, I get sick," he told Agadir Info. "I can't do any business until the cat is taken care of."

Some of his customers give him small donations, but Eddine  pays for all of this mainly from his own pocket.

Ibrahim Fadel

There's no denying that the garden is a good way to attract people to his store, but Eddine looks after these cats because he really cares.

He's even started training his son to run the family store, so he can spend more time with his beloved animals.

"I do not enter my house until I finish my duty feeding the cats," he says. "These cats don't have a home, so they depend on me to feed them."

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