Strangers Drove These Cats 300 Miles To Find Them A New Home

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Strangers Drove These Cats 300 Miles To Find Them A New Home

If you ever wondered just how far animal lovers will go to help pets in need, this story will prove there are no limits.

Rescue cats Barney and Benny had a bad start to their lives. They were found living in Keighley, England with a hoarder who owned at least 30 other cats. Luckily, they were rescued by the Keighley Cat Care center (KCC), but that wasn't the end of their troubles.

While the other cats found new homes quickly, Benny and Barney weren't so lucky. After 6 months they were both still living at the shelter, and it took drastic measures to find them a  new home.

Benny and Barney had lots of problems that made it hard to find a good owner.

For one thing, they're both very old and have lots of health problems. Benny is 14 and the center isn't even sure how old Barney is.

The two cats are also totally inseparable. Angela Gray, who works for KCC, says she's "never seen anything like" the bond between these two cats.

"You can't tell where one starts and the other ends," she told the Daily Mail. "They do everything together, they are like a couple who've been married for 50 years."

That meant they needed to find a home that would take in both cats. With the help of Twitter the center tracked down a suitable owner, but there was still one problem.

The new owner was living in Portsmouth - 300 miles away from the center - and it seemed like there was no way for anyone to get the cats to their new home.

Incredibly, before anyone asked, people online began planning a massive road trip to move these old cats to their Forever Home.

Daily Mail

Starting at 1am, a team of 4 drivers transported the cats in a relay across England, reaching their new home 9 hours later.

Along the way, they shared photos of the journey online using the hashtag #ProjectB2.

While it was a grueling trip for some of the drivers, they made sure the cats were as comfortable as possible.

They had food and toys for every leg, and one driver spotted the pets reaching out to comfort each other along the way.

Now Benny and Barney are safe and happy in their new home. Gray is impressed by the kindness everyone involved demonstrated, saying the center "cannot thank our Twitter followers enough."

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