Subway Performer Gives Every Dollar He Earns To The Needy

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Subway Performer Gives Every Dollar He Earns To The Needy

Will Boyajian isn't your average street performer. For one thing, he's not down on his luck. Will is a professional musician who has performed on cruise ships.

Will also never takes home any money, even though he plays for hours with his guitar case open in front of him. That's because he lets the less fortunate take whatever they want from his donations.

No matter how much he makes - sometimes $400 in one day - Will always gives everything away to the homeless and needy.

The musician says he came up with the idea shortly after he moved to New York. A homeless man got on Will's subway train, and everyone moved to sit away from him.

"None of us will ever experience that type of rejection in our lives," he told the New York Post.

Since then, Will has been performing and giving away what people put in his case. If the night ends and he still has money, he'll spend it on subway cards to pass out to homeless people he sees on the street.

Will lets anyone take as much money as they want, and says most people only take what they need.

"It's really wild, some people come up and take a dollar or take five dollars, some people come up and take eighty dollars," he said. "It's not my job to judge, it's just my job to give."

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