Super Simple Yoga For Back Pain That Will Relieve Your Sciatica

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Super Simple Yoga For Back Pain That Will Relieve Your Sciatica

Lower back pain is one of the more common complaints of people who spend long days sitting in an uncomfortable office chair.

You experience pain due to sciatica, disc injuries, strains and abnormal spine curvatures, these gentle poses can help to alleviate the tension in your lower back.

Remember to always consult with your physician before starting a new fitness regime.

Thanks to Yoga Instructor Brittany Bryden for the excellent tips. This video was filmed at PureYoga studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Follow Brittany on Facebook and visit PureYoga studios here.

Knees To Chest Pose

Hug both legs in towards your chest and rock side to side.

Figure Four Pose

Cross one ankle over the opposite knee and interlace hands behind hamstring.

Reclined Twist

Bring knees together and let them fall to the side.

Reach arms to the side, while keeping both shoulder blades on the floor.


With both feet flat on the floor, lift hips and glutes towards the ceiling.

Seated Twist

Reach left arm forward and right arm behind you as you gently twist your upper body.

Cat / Cow

On hands and knees, inhale and lift tailbone

Exhale and tuck tailbone under

Child's Pose

Lay lower belly on thighs.

Reach arms in front and hold.

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