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Woman Given Surprise Wedding Only Minutes After Being Proposed To

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Stephanie Scapellati

A woman from New York was surprised with her dream wedding only minutes after she was proposed to.

Following a trip to Disneyland, Nicole Cafagna noticed a string of lights draped across the backyard. When she asked her then-boyfriend Danny Rios about the new decorations, he just said "there was going to be much more to see."

"I had no idea what was going on, I was trying to get our bags out of the car and he told me to leave them all," Carfagna told PEOPLE. "He opened the door for me, took my hand and led me into the backyard."

Carfagna entered the backyard and saw her entire family and friends standing in front of a tent. Originally believing she was stepping into a surprise birthday party, Carfagna quickly realized the festivities were for a marriage proposal when she saw her father dressed in a suit and her mother in tears. Then her favorite song, "Fix You," by Coldplay came on.

"I was shocked, it was the biggest surprise and the most shocked I have ever been in my life!" Carfagna said. "I started to well up and cry, and luckily my dad told me to take a breath, and take it all in. If he didn’t, I probably would have been sobbing the entire time."

But that wasn't the only surprise of the night. Following their engagement, Rios took his fiancée aside and told her he had another surprise up his sleeve.

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