Sweaty T-Shirt Study Proves The Nose Knows When It Comes To Love

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Sweaty T-Shirt Study Proves The Nose Knows When It Comes To Love

You've heard the old adage, opposites attract. Well, one study known has proven it true - at least where our genes are concerned.

When researchers at Bern University tested the effects of body odor on women, they found that females actually preferred the scent of men whose genetic composition was vastly different from their own.

The New York Times reports that the researchers have found that women can actually SMELL the difference in sweaty t-shirts.

Our genes contain instructions that cause cells to make proteins called Major Histocompatibility Complex, or MHC. These are one of the immune system's major markers of identity.

It is in our best interest as a species to mate with people who have different immune systems because our children will have the combined strength of both immune systems. The more diversity, the more likely they are to survive.

In an experiment conducted by the scientists at Bern University in Switzerland, 44 male students were instructed to sleep in a cotton t-shirt for two nights.

Of the 49 female students participating, each woman received 6 of those t-shirts. Three were from men with similar MHC and three were from men with less similar MHC. They did not know which was which. They were then instructed to smell the shirts and give them ratings for intensity, pleasantness and sexiness.

The results found that the women preferred the t-shirts of the men whose MHC was least like their own.

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