Heartbreaking: Sweethearts Candies Unavailable This Valentine's Day

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Heartbreaking: Sweethearts Candies Unavailable This Valentine's Day

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Those sweet nothings, stamped on the heart-shaped candies we all know and love, will be missing from this year's Valentine's Day celebrations.

That's because Sweethearts, the iconic sweets that let lovebirds share their true feelings in candy form, will be unavailable this February for the first time in decades.

Sweethearts candy
Sweethearts have been Valentine's Day classics since the 1860s.Evan-Amos - Wikimedia

The candy's original makers, the New England Confectionery Company aka Necco, went out of business last July. While the company's properties were scooped up by another candymaker in September, the gap in production means Sweethearts won't be in stores for Valentine's Day 2019.

Other Necco products, including Necco Wafers and Canada Mints, are also still out of production months after they were bought by Spangler Candy Co.

Sweethearts have a long and romantic history: Necco first started printing messages on the candies in 1866 (they were actually featured in Anne of Green Gables), but in recent years the company has modernized their messages with new ones like LOL and EMAIL ME.

Sweethearts are actually America's favorite Valentine's Day candy. Before they went out of business, Necco churned out more than 8 billion Sweethearts each year - that's 19 million pounds of candy.

While there are other candy companies offering "conversation hearts," Necco filled 80% of the market up until just last year.

Spangler has teased that Sweethearts will return in time for Valentine's Day 2020. Until then, all we can say is MISS YOU.

P.S: Spangler has warned that you might still notice Sweethearts on store shelves this year - but any you see were made before July 2018, so eat them at your own risk.

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Will you be missing Sweethearts this year?

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