Remember Tabitha from Bewitched? She's Not So Little Anymore

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When most child stars first appear on our favorite television shows and films, they impress us so much so that we believe they will grow up to become successful actors.

Sadly, time and again we have seen how a lot of our beloved child stars have slipped through the cracks and struggle to get back on their feet.

From Gary Coleman to Corey Feldman, we've seen the toll being thrust into the limelight at a young age can have on a person.

Of course, not everyone ends up falling down the rabbit hole. Take Erin Murphy for example.

Erin, best known for portraying Tabitha Stephens in the hit 60s sitcom Bewitched, went on to establish a successful career in the entertainment industry.

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Growing up on set

Erin was only two years old when she and her fraternal twin sister Diane took turns playing Tabitha, alongside Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York in the third season of the show.

Although her parents were actively involved in her life, Erin explained that her on-screen mom and dad "really were like parents" to her.

"I always called her 'Mantha Mommy, because I couldn’t say Samantha, and I called Dick Sargent, Darren Daddy," the 54-year-old actress explained.

"And I think it’s because we spent 12 hours a day together growing up. I looked to her as a parent, and she would tell me what to do like a parent. In a lot of ways I’m so much [more] like her than I am my own mom, which is hilarious."


Unlike Diane, who often protested and cried on set, Erin was born to be under the spotlight.

"From the time I was a baby, I love it [SIC]," said Erin "I liked the lights and loved being on my set. My sister used to cry when they would bring her on set. Even now she hates it."

Knowing how much she enjoyed acting, Erin's parents made sure she continued to book roles after spending six seasons on Bewitched.

Life after Bewitched

The ever-so-charming Erin found her next calling soon after saying goodbye to the set she grew up on in 1972.

A year later, she was given a guest-star spot in the popular family show Lassie. She played a girl named Molly Craig in an episode titled "The Visitor."

Erin was so popular that an agency signed her as a model, and in the next couple of years, she appeared in over 100 commercials.


One of her most recognizable ads was for a detergent brand, and Ronald Reagan, who would later become the 40th president of the United States, starred alongside her.  

If you grew up in that era, there's no way you wouldn't recognize Erin's face. She was everywhere!

Then suddenly, she vanished from our screens.

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